Why Is It Important To Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned After The Holidays?

Decorations, holiday feasts, as well as guests can frequently leave the carpet glitter-filled and dirty after the holiday season. One of the best periods to get the carpet cleaned by a professional is directly after the holiday season once guests have made their literal footprint on the carpets. vacuum cleaner

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Once Per Year!

In order to maintain the carpet, it is essential that you have it cleaned at least once a year. Without an annual carpet cleaning, your carpets might deteriorate faster, and you may need to replace them sooner. One great way to track your carpet cleaning sessions includes doing it every year, at the start of the year.


Guests Can Wreak Havoc on Your Carpet

Having a lot of visitors in and out of your home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as New Year’s may leave the carpet filled with mud, dirt, and other debris from the bottoms of families’ and friends’ shoes. A simplistic vacuuming will not do once the dirt and debris is embedded into your carpet; however, a professional deep-cleaning may clear that dirt from the carpet.


Food and Beverages

One other factor that adds to post-holiday, dirty carpets is food and beverages. Juicy, crumbly, or greasy food will more than likely leave an imprint on the carpet. Plus, especially on New Year’s, beverage spills may harm both the floor and the carpet. Getting the carpet cleaned by a professional is an easy and quick solution that can help reduce or remove those annoying stains.


Gifts and Decorations

While the majority of people do not give this any consideration, gift wrapping and decorations might add to the build up of grime in carpeting. Loose glitter from ribbons or wrapping paper, Christmas trees, and New Year’s decor can not only add to the grime in the carpet, yet can also cause it to feel uncomfortable and itchy. Getting a professional to clean your carpet will pick up all of that holiday dirt and ensure softer carpeting.


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