Tile & Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaningFew things accentuate a home than a quality ceramic tile with a grout that sets the color and hue.

Kitchens, bathrooms and more are enhanced with ceramic tile. It is long lasting and will last for years.

Tile and grout do have some short comings. The stone and grout are porous and can quickly and easily collect dirt, grime, allergens and bacteria. More so than the carpet and upholstery, tile is normally found in places where water is commonly used. Water plus porous materials and grime can quickly become a serious health hazard and can be potentially dangerous to a home or family. This is why regular, routine cleaning of tile and grout is highly recommended.

Common household cleaning like sweeping and mopping is helpful. Some will even try to scrub the tile with brushes to break up and remove the material, but this yields a mixture of results. Besides, how entertaining is it to spend the weekend on your hands and knees scrubbing something that may not produce?

The Floor Doctor offers the best in tile and grout cleaning. We use our equipment to get into the porous holes and crevices to extract the dirt and grime and leaving behind a tile that is as attractive as when first laid in the home.

The Floor Doctor will come into your home for a complete inspection and review of your tile and grout. We have specific cleaning methods and equipment designed to maintain the look and color of the tile. We will then seal the grout with a special sealant to keep your tile in top notch condition.

We can also polish tile to a deep sheen upon request.

The Floor Doctor cleans tile areas from the smallest bathroom to large, open kitchen and dining areas. All homes have different rooms and tile. This is why an in-home inspection, much like the other services we offer, is highly recommended for the best possible results. We can come to your home at your convenience for a free estimate and review of your needs.