Pet Odor Control

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Pet Odor Treatment Services

The only time pet owners may get annoyed with their pets is when they heed the call of nature anywhere but outside. It can happen during housebreaking, while you are away at work or whenever. Now there is a not so lovely pet stain on the floor, carpet, upholstery etc. The stain can be dealt with to a degree, but that smell will linger for a while.

The smell is from the urine breaking down into its basic components, one of which is ammonia. The rest is a variety of salts, water and other chemicals. The smell is what makes pets return to that same spot over and over again, despite what you may think are solid efforts to mask the smell. This is when you need help from your local Riverton Wyoming leading experts The Floor Doctor.

Our approach uses natural products that eliminate pet stains and the odor while protecting your carpet, upholstery and furniture.

Ours is a multi-step process. We start with a enzyme pre-treatment that soaks into the fibers of the carpet to the sub floor. Next, we use our commercial grade floor cleaner that shoots a stream of water and eco-friendly detergent that removes the stain and leaves the spot dry. An application of deodorizer is next, and the entire operation concludes with a spray to neutralize any residual odors. The spray keeps the pet from returning to this spot.

Pet Smells Are Embarrassing to the Homeowner

We understand the embarrassment that a homeowner experiences with smelly pet odors. The most severe problems, often ones that are deeply hidden in areas of the home, may require more than a simple floor treatment. In this situation, carpet and padding may need to be pulled. The section is removed, the sub floor is treated and the entire area is replaced.

Should you encounter a pet stain, be sure to address it as soon as possible. Rub it vigorously with a damp cloth and follow with a dry one. Then, contact us so we can come out and treat the area for you. Time is of the essence, so call now.

We know you love your pets and it's the reason we offer pet odor and stain removal services.