Is Carpet Making a Comeback in 2022?

Expressing your creativity in innovative, imaginative, and bold ways has been trending for 2022; therefore, it isn’t any wonder that carpet is making a huge comeback. From matching contrasting shades to wild animal prints, geometrics, and rich jewel tones, our carpet trends for 2022 are about self-expression. At the opposite part of the spectrum, the organic, earthy, natural trend will endure through 2023, and establish a calm landscape in our lives.

All Natural

all natural carpet trend

The ongoing nature trend is still solid in 2022. Natural carpet materials such as jute, sisal, and wool, as well as earthy, warm tones nurturing a sense of peace and mindfulness, are in great demand after the tumult of the previous two years.

Keep all things neutral with natural accents such as pampas grass for a modern, luxury bohemian feeling. Bring more of the outside in using earthy, warm shades like terracotta and rust we are now witnessing so much of.

Go Green

go green carpet trend

In addition to this natural trend, eco-focused fabrics and sustainability are becoming more and more sought-after in interior design. With it, comes an increase in popularity of natural fiber carpeting.

Find natural, sustainably-sourced fiber floors from monsoon-grown grasses such as jute, sisal, seagrass, and coir. For substance and style, sisal makes an amazing wall-to-wall carpeting option. Meanwhile, deep pile wool carpeting is ideal for bedrooms, as they are ultra-soft beneath your feet, and check all of the “sustainable” boxes.

Soft Indulgence

soft indulgence carpet trend

With well-being and comfort at the tip-top of homeowners’ checklists, plush carpeting is especially trending for 2022. Indulging in a lavish chunky loop or a velvety plush assists in establishing a luxurious and soft space. Ideal for low-volume traffic spots such as home offices or bedrooms, they bring luxury to new heights into your house.

Combine these trends with wool carpeting! With the sustainability theme soaring ever higher in the year 2022, the eco-friendly trend is here to stay. Wool carpeting cares for both you, as well as our planet, in addition to providing luxury softness beneath your feet. As a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber, wool is an excellent design option and sustainable design investment.

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