How to Pick the Proper Area Rug?

family on floorFor a living room to seem pulled together, the majority of designers will let you know that it needs a rug.

However, rugs are expensive. Because a large-scale item such as that will have a major impact on the way the room feels and looks, selecting one may be intimidating. The proper rug might live in your home for years. The incorrect rug is going to serve as a day-to-day reminder of the cash you wasted — and the funds you will need to spend if you need to replace it. Here are some tips for picking the proper rug:

Use One Area Rug or a Few

There isn’t any rule that states that you must restrict yourself to one rug in your living room. Therefore, how do you know if one rug or a few rugs are best?

Living rooms and smaller spaces enclosed by doorways and walls, typically benefit from one large area rug.

Open-concept, sprawling spaces, such as lofts, are more than likely to benefit from several rugs, which assist in ground disparate furniture groupings and may be used to separate a dining area from a living area, in the absence of any walls.

Cannot make a decision? Layer Them!

One other option includes layering rugs on top of one another, with one plain, large rug on the bottom that covers the majority of the floor, and a smaller decorative rug on top that anchors various seating spaces.

For example, for living rooms it’s possible to layer a Persian rug over a bigger sisal rug.

Determine the Rug’s Size

It’s vital that you work around the room’s obstructions while planning an area rug purchase.

Select a size that either fully covers the walkway or leaves your floor exposed in which guests or occupants have to pass by. Then figure out how far beyond your furniture the area rug ought to extend. One way to size an area rug includes ensuring that it reaches under all 4 feet of all your furniture.

Or you might use a smaller area rug which runs underneath the front feet of the chairs and sofas, and stops at that point. Just be certain that smaller items at the edges of the rug, like floor lamps and end tables, are fully off or on the rug,

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