How to Keep your Puppy from Making a Mess on your Carpet?

puppy lying on carpetHere are 4 tips to help you get your puppy to stop pooping and pottying on your carpet.

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Offer rewards and praise more often

A puppy likes to be praised! Recent research found that a lot of pet trainers provide 4 times the quantity of praise that a dog owner would when teaching their puppy a new task or command. Once your puppy does his business, be very generous with affection and love. It’s a great way to show that you appreciate what she or he just did. If you believe you’re praising sufficiently, praise more.

Watch your puppy like a hawk

To catch your puppy doing his business and to provide the important praise he needs, you have to be watching him like a hawk. Keep your pet in your line of sight all the time when he’s roaming around. After he does his business correctly, provide praise and a treat. Tell him he has pleased you. If he tries to relieve himself somewhere he shouldn’t, make a loud sound or something to scare him. Then directly place him on a pad or the place you want him to do his business.

Put your pup on a schedule

Feed your dog food on a steady schedule. She or he will have to go poop and/or potty around 20 minutes after drinking or eating a massive amount. Get your dog on a schedule and it’ll make life much easier for your dog… and you!

Establish a plan and stick to it

Whatever you choose to do, be steady with your plan. Changing the plan up may confuse your puppy. Keep in mind that younger pups may not have the ability to hold their bowels or urine until they’re after 16 weeks old. That is where a pee pad will come in. The more observant and patient you are, the better.

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