How Can I Keep My Cat from Scratching My Furniture?

furniture set with catAre you caring for your cat’s nails? Cats, in the wild, would be walking on the rough ground, climbing trees, and scratching multiple surfaces that might help keep their nails in good shape and trimmed. Living inside a cozy human’s home means that they do not have those natural chances to scratch, which means they’ll be searching for your best tree and ground-like surfaces.

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Do you have any surfaces especially meant for your pet to scratch? Felines have an instinct to scratch; therefore, you will not have the ability to stop them. However, it is possible to ensure that they’re scratching suitable “cat” objects.

Usually, your furniture is out in the open, but what about cat posts? Cats love to leave their scent and visual markers in spots in which everyone can smell and see them, because why mark your territory if no one can see it? Placing a scratching post inside a back corner is one great method of hiding it out of sight of visitors, but it’s also making it less appealing to your pet.

Therefore, what measures is it possible to take to stop your pet from scratching the furniture? Be certain that you offer a number of scratching substitutes, like rope-wrapped posts, carpet, and cardboard. Do not hide the cat posts, place them out in the open. Position a new post close to a piece of furniture your pet loves to scratch. Provide treats for scratching their new post. If they respond well to catnip, add a bit of it to your new post. There are sticky pads and deterrent sprays to add to the furniture. Remember, if you just add the deterrent spray, but do not have enough of the right scratching objects, the cat will keep on scratching the furniture.

Spend a little bit of quality time playing with the cat, trim their nails, and they should be happy scratching the new objects. After all of that, if your pet is still more interested in the furniture than the posts, talk to the veterinarian for professional advice.

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