Hardwood & Vinyl Floor Cleaning

When you think of the best of the best in flooring, hardwood comes to mind.  It is a sight to behold – the lovely shades and ever so slight differences in color can mean all the difference in the look of a home.  Your hardwood floors are just like carpet and have areas of high traffic.  These parts of the floor need regular cleaning to keep them looking good.  Of course, if you have unlimited time and a deep pocket, you can have the hardwood floors sanded and refinished.  Since you do not have either, let the pros at The Floor Doctor handle it for you.

Cleaning hardwood floors cannot be more difficult than cleaning carpet is often what many homeowners think when it comes to hardwood.  They insist on doing the cleaning themselves thinking it will save a few dollars, which it may in the beginning.  Deep marks and indentations can come out, provided you have the correct equipment and ventilation to do it.  Without either, you will take a real chance of ruining your floors and have potential health problems because of the dust that will settle on everything.  And by everything, we mean everything – furniture, floors, drapes etc.  This is something no one really wants to deal with by any means.  If you have family members with allergies or breathing difficulties, this will only compound the problems.  Wyoming Floor Doctor has everything needed to take care of your hardwood floors without being concerned with potential problems.

While we are talking about hardwood floors, here is a quick set of questions for you: What sort of hardwood flooring do you have?  Do you know the best and safest cleaning solutions to use on your specific flooring type?  If you cannot answer either, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to cleaning your floors.  We have experience with almost every wood used in flooring.  This is our job to know these things, after all.

Dirty hardwood floors detract from the natural look and beauty of wood.  We want your hardwood floors to look as good as possible for as long as possible.  This means having us come and take care of cleaning your hardwood floors for you.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

In commercial building spaces, VCT, or vinyl composition title is amongst the most typical options in flooring, because of its ability to withstand heavy-duty foot traffic, low cost, and durability. As your commercial space needs a vinyl floor cleaning, contact the expert crew at The Floor Doctor in order to create a custom maintenance plan that will keep your flooring looking brand new.

With a strip and wax process, our team scrubs the floor to take out scuffs, scratches, and additional unsightly stains and markings. With a process of recoating and coating, the process is repeated until wax attains the desired finish level. Vinyl floor cleaning has to be regular and oftentimes will require a scheduled maintenance plan for optimal results.

Through routine floor cleanings, powerful and safe cleansers, as well as our low-impact methods of cleaning, our approach to cleaning vinyl floors ensure a quality and professional appearance and long-lasting results.

Advantages of VCT Stripping and Waxing for Flooring

VCT (vinyl composition tile) stripping & waxing service is critical for homes and businesses throughout (service area) to maintain their appearance, longevity and durability.

  1. Starting the process we’ll clean off any debris, dirt, dust, hair, and anything else which has settled on the surface.
  2. After the basic cleaning of your vinyl composition tile surface we’ll apply our highly advanced solution on the old wax and permit it settle for fifteen minutes.
  3. We use appropriate equipment and tools and our technicians extract the old buildup of wax.
  4. Following the stripping process being completed, an additional cleaning solution is applied.
  5. After a few reapplications of a neutralizer and water mixture, we then permit the flooring to dry.
  6. We apply the wax coat accordingly and permit it to dry, which leaves you with a gorgeous VCT floor.

Nothing will beat a good vinyl composition tile buffing and waxing. This kind of routine maintenance extends the life of industrial and commercial flooring surfaces.

No matter what the size of your buffing, burnishing, and waxing project may be, you should have a great relationship with a vinyl composition tile floor cleaning business with expertise in this type of flooring. Locating a trusted contractor to help you with your flooring care for your commercial structure is simpler than you might think.

We use the most eco-friendly and professional techniques, equipment, and top-rated commercial flooring solutions. Our (service area) VCT flooring cleaning business will assist you in revitalizing and protecting your VCT floors for years to come.

Our company takes great care while working within your commercial structure, and it’ll show in the quality of your finished product. If you need of VCT cleaning services in the Riverton and surrounding area call today.