Dubois WY

professional carpet cleaning  dubois wyOur carpet cleaning services take great pride in providing the utmost attention to even the most minor details, to make sure that the work we complete is thorough and to your satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning

The Floor Doctor is proud to give our customers a carpet cleaning which cannot be surpassed. Our high temperature steam is the ideal method of getting something clean. Anything under 213-degrees is sub-par and not a real steam cleaning. Every company says that they’re the best and use steam; however, there’s a big difference in the kind of machine you use.

Area Rug Cleaning

Heirlooms that are passed down from one generation to another oftentimes may be priceless for several reasons. Persian and Oriental rugs may be worth tens of thousands and because of that require delicate care. At The Floor Doctor we have a 4-step procedure that extends the life of your rug, restores the vibrancy of your area rug, and protects it from the things that would damage it.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

At The Floor Doctor, we’re able to save your hands and knees by utilizing our high pressure removal system that’s restorative and will assist in prolonging the life of your flooring. Over a period of time the dirt and additional debris that gets tracked into your home actually can dissolve the grout. One good way to prevent that from happening is with restorative, professional cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

We like taking care of your loveseats, sofas, ottomans and much more! A family’s most comfortable furnishings occasionally need a bit of TLC. Our dry steam cleaning method steams your upholstery, and leaves it dry in 45 minutes to one hour.

Auto Interior Cleaning

Our INTERIOR ONLY detailing packages include leather/vinyl dressings, deep cleaning, shampoo and vacuum.

Hardwood and Vinyl Cleaning

The key to wood’s durability is its finish; not the wood itself. As the finish becomes worn, it will not appear as shiny and might get scratched. So long as the finish isn’t fully worn through in any area, cleaning your flooring is a pretty quick process.

Our process of deep cleaning has four steps. Step one includes making sure that all loose dirt or dust on the surface of the flooring gets removed with either a vacuum or a dust mop. Then, we clean your floor in order to remove all surface contamination that may interfere with its new finish. With a rotary cleaner, we delicately buff the whole floor, to even the surface out and take care of surface scratches. Finally, a new upper layer of finish gets applied, smoothed, and permitted to cure for a new, pristine finish.

Pet Odor Control

For stubborn stains, you’ll risk causing damage on your upholstery or carpet by angrily scrubbing. It’s the point in which you need the services of our expert carpet cleaners– we have better equipment and appropriate cleaning chemicals specially designed to tackle pet stains and suppress bad odors.

For more information on any of our services please contact The Floor Doctor in Dubois WY today at (307) 463-0632.