Dos and Don’ts of Buying Upholstered Furniture

upholstered furnitureWhen you are shopping for an armchair or a sofa, just know that it is going to be used every day; therefore, it should be sturdy — especially when it comes to its construction, as well as the covering fabric or material. Shopping for a brand-new armchair or sofa may be extremely challenging. Below are some tips to ensure the correct choice:

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  • For a piece with a lighter color, see if it has removable covers that may be dry-cleaned or washed.
  • Check if the upholstery fabric has a stain- and water-resistant Teflon coating. A Teflon coating assists in keeping the furniture appearing like new.
  • Consider getting an easy-to-clean leather sofa or armchair, especially if you have children who usually spill things, or if your dog enjoys nothing better than to sit next to you on the sofa.
  • Keep the new sofa or armchair away from direct sunlight in order to prevent covered fabrics from bleaching out.
  • Or, you can utilize a cover fabric that might bleach out, yet may easily be stored when visitors arrive.
  • It’s possible to invest in quality upholstered furnishings with different levels of firmness. Because the heavier you are, the firmer its cushions must be if you’re looking for maximum comfort.
  • Also, give consideration to the height of the backrest and seat. It is simpler to pull yourself up from higher seats of taller furnishings than from low-slung couches.
  • If you experience weak legs, think about getting an armchair that features an electric or mechanical power lift. They’ll aid you standing by tilting and raising the seat in an ergonomically-suitable manner.
  • Measure the sofa out. You will not actually know if a sofa is the right fit until you unload it at home; however, it is possible to gain a sense of whether its size is correct by taking measurements of a possible purchase then laying squares of newspaper out in that precise size in the living room.
  • Give yourself an abundance of time to shop around — because after all, you have to have your chair and sofa remain comfortable even after a long night spent watching T.V.

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