Carpet Maintenance After a Professional Carpet Cleanings

carpet cleaning maintenance

Keeping the carpets clean makes a huge difference to your house. When the carpets are clean, they’ll smell good, look good, and your entire house takes on a nicer ambiance. But the issue a lot of homeowners face is figuring out how to maintain that clean standard after an expert cleaning service.

Here are three ways you can maintain the carpet after a professional carpet cleaning service in Wyoming:

Keep Off of the Carpet

After an expert carpet cleaning service, the common mistake that is made by the majority of homeowners is that they’ll walk on the carpet before it’s completely dry. That mistake might be extremely expensive because walking on the wet carpet will flatten the fibers, which makes it more susceptible to soaking in dirt.

After an expert cleaning service, it’s extremely vital that you keep off your carpet for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours. If you have no choice to walk on your wet carpet after a carpet cleaning service, it is recommended that you dress in cotton, clean white socks.

Make Use of Walk-Off Mats

One other method of keeping the carpet’s clean state after a professional carpet cleaning service is by utilizing walk-off mats both outside and inside your house. Those mats assist in keeping dirt off the carpeting. Those coarse-textured mats outside of the doors are designed to extract hardened soil off of your footwear (very beneficial because it’ll make cleaning on your own much easier) and those water-absorbent mats in the house prevent damp shoes from staining the carpet.

Make Use of a Carpet Protector

Keeping the carpet clean after a carpet cleaning service may be difficult, particularly if the carpet goes untreated, as stains and dirt easily cling to untreated carpeting. However, once you apply a carpet protector, it’ll become challenging for stains and dirt to survive.

Carpet protectors repel the majority of liquids before wicking and staining can occur. Therefore, if your mission includes keeping the carpet clean after a carpet cleaning service, you must consider using a carpet protector!

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